Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pinterest challenge

I'm a little late in coming in on this, but Jannsen, Merrick, and Landen have been doing a Pinterest challenge that inspired me.  So, better late than never, right?

Here is my attempt at a banana pop.  Actually it turned out pretty well.  I only had strawberry greek yogurt, but I like strawberry banana, so that was fine.  Then, I rolled it in chocolate-peanut butter granola that Kevin had made this weekend mixed with a little extra coconut (yes, my husband is awesome).
Also, I like to use coffee stirrers as kebab sticks for the girls because they are cheap, come in bulk, and are not pointy.  So, I just used what I had for the banana pop (but they're a little flimsy for this).

My version of the banana pop.

The next one is like double-doing-a-pinspiration.

I did a t-shirt refashion into a jersey pencil skirt, inspired by the millions of tshirt refashions and realizing that you could have a pencil skirt made out of jersey.  Really?! I love knit skirts, but it never occurred to me that you could have a knit pencil skirt.  I thought they had to be well-fitted, with a zipper and a kick pleat to be a pencil skirt.  Thus, I have only made one, ever, and it was in sewing class.  (Confession: I hate zippers.  I hate wearing pants and skirts with zippers, and I especially hate sewing anything with zippers. It is irrational, but there it is.)

So, I was first inspired for the jersey pencil skirt by this pin, but I put off doing it.  For a really long time.  Then, I realized that a) I had lost 30 pounds and nothing I own fits, b) we don't have a new clothes budget, even with my pants literally falling off of me, and c) everything I own is black, anyway.

Then, again, Merrick taught me that you can sew on knits without a lot of expertise or even a serger. (I was looking for a link to post, but I can't find one specific one.  Really, though, read the whole blog.  Merrick is awesome, and I've never even met her.  Isn't the internet weird that way?)

 Anyway, long story short, I also ended up making a fashion pinboard and decided I had to refashion my way into it.  I can sew, I just don't.  I'm easily distracted and am notorious for having half-finished projects. So committing to refashioning a wardrobe is a pretty big deal, but then, so is being naked, and that's my only other option right now.

I don't have any jersey fabric (and fabric is another thing I don't have any money for right now), so I took refashioning into my own hands.  I decided I wanted a stripey skirt, a la this pin, so I made it out of a striped shirt that did not fit me.  It was not long enough to make a whole skirt, so I took a solid shirt in a matching color and pieced together a stripey-blocked skirt.  Voila:

Stripey-block skirt in progress
 And, here is the double-doing a pin: Not only did I refashion tshirts into a skirt, in a non-neutral color, I styled it, too.  Look at me, wearing a coordinating outfit.  It was inspired by another pin, and although my blouse isn't peplum, I think it works.
I am not wearing any black.  Those shoes are grey suede, my friend.  This is the dawn of a new day.
So, I teach 7th and 8th grade and have been making an effort to put myself together more.  Now, my 8th grade girl students will ask, "is this a Pinterest outfit?"  Because they can totally tell when I stole my style idea from a pin.  (It's pretty obvious, because I am wearing something other than slacks and a blouse.  Pinterest is slowly teaching me how to do layers.  And belts.  We'll get there.)

And, to top off my refashiony-bloggy thing going on here, I took pictures while I was making my skirt so I can make a tutorial.  So watch for it, because I made a waistband out of sleeves, and it fits like a dream.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Valentine Scripture Bookmark

Here's a Valentine Freebie!

Print on cardstock, cut out, and laminate to make bookmarks for Valentine's day.

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